About Laura

Since a very young age, baking and decorating of cakes has been one of my favourite things to do. I found at an early age that I have been blessed with a talent of creativity. People attending family functions would notice that I had made the cake and admire the uniqueness of my decorating skills. This started my hobby of creating personalized cakes for others beside family. I have been working in the Insurance industry for many years and through all those years I have provided specialty cakes for my co-workers for weddings, birthdays, anniversary’s, baby showers and wedding showers etc. At my work place I was known as the “cake lady”.

Added to my large network of family and friends, my co-workers have over the years, kept me very busy with cake orders to the extent that on occasion I have requested outside help to keep up with the demand. This demand in turn made me think seriously of giving this satisfying hobby of mine more time and using my creative talent to enhance the requirements of more people. There is so much joy in seeing the reaction of a person, once they see the finished product of what they requested. Their knowing of the personalized attention given to the request is evident each and every time.

I have mastered the art of cake making and decorating through my years of experience and also from courses on cake decorating. However due to various reasons, I have not been able to make this hobby a full time business, as it was necessary to stay employed through past years. I am now in a position to dedicate the time required in having my own business and focusing on my passion for cake making and decorating. I am devoting my time and energy to this new focus as it has always been a dream of mine to make better use of this special talent I have been given. I love what I am doing now and besides the monetary rewards, it is very satisfying for me to provide personalized, creative, specialty cakes, which are unique to each of my clients.


I think this is the BEST CAKE I have seen so far, I really mean it. You are so creative and I just can’t stop looking at the picture of the Cake. The cap and the ‘bowled’, just amazing !!!

From now on, we will not get a cake from anywhere else but from you. My friends are already asking for your contact 🙂 There aren’t many people who do such creative Home made cakes… Thanks once again.

Asia Shahulhameed

Ordered a Cricketer cake, Toronto, Canada

The main reason for writing is to convey my thanks for making the beautiful wedding cake. There were so many compliments and enquiries as to who made the cake. The cake was simple but exquisite. My nephew and his new bride were quite ecstatic. They were also glad to hear that they can keep the little top decoration of the bride and groom figure.

As you know, Brad and Nisha had not even seen your cakes before and trusted my opinion and they are so glad that they agreed to my choice. Even the bouquets that you did were just divine. I will be referring you to any of my other friends if and when there is a request for a cake.

Sirima Wells

Ordered a Wedding cake, Mississauga, Canada

I’m happy to provide a testimonial attesting to the delicious taste and beautiful presentation of Laura’s cakes. She is truly an artist.
Leigh Yorke

Ordered a Graduation cake, Oshawa, Canada

As a busy working mother of three I always dread the school functions because I have no time to bake and when I do find the time they never look or taste like they should. Then I found Laura’s Creative Cakes and all my worries disappeared. Her cakes and cupcakes are not only beautiful to look at they taste as good as they look. My children love them as do all their classmates. I no longer stress about school functions because I have my secret weapon, Laura’s Creative Cakes.
Simone Dooley

Ordered Cakes and Cupcakes, Canada

Laura’a cakes are delicious and there is a lot of creativity and thought that goes in to each of her cake decorations. Laura’s artistic works displays imagination and can be found in each intricate right down to the finest detail.

The icing tastes delicious and wonderful. Well loved and received by everyone who enjoys them.

Dayan De Silva

Ordered a Birthday cake, Brampton, Canada

Just a quick note to let you know how much we enjoyed your home made cake and cupcakes. Every bite was mouth-watering and delicious, left us wanting more and more. Can’t wait to try your amazing cooking again soon.
Tim Chase

Ordered Valentine day cupcakes and Graduation cake, Oshawa, Canada

With little instruction, Laura took a theme and created something so realistic it was fantastic – not only did it look great; it taste great too!
Joanne Ferns

Ordered a Superbowl cake, Ajax, Canada

Thanks for the cake – it was breathtaking and divine. The best chocolate cake ever; the deco was perfect for the occasion and very neatly done…can’t wait to get more!
Shakila Jayawardena

Ordered a Birthday cake, Mississauga, Canada

Thank you very much for making the best Valentine cupcakes for my daughter’s birthday. The cupcakes are simply AMAZING! Everyone loved your cupcakes. Can’t wait to order them for my next occasion.

Ordered Valentine Cupcakes, Ajax, Canada